Chakra Meditation

Chakra Is A Sanskrit word that means “wheel”. It is used to describe the energy centres of the body.

Chakras are the doorways through which the Universal Life Force enters and is distributed throughout the physical body. Chakras are responsible for metabolising the electronic substance that enters the physical form and radiates from the physical form out into the Universe.

There are seven major Chakras situated in the subtle body. Each is associated with a layer of the aura, with a particular gland of the endocrine system with a major autonomic nerve plexus.

Mind energy in the form of emotions moves outward, reflects against or interacts with the Chakras and subtle energy fields, which are composed of tachyons.

Negative emotions that distort primal energies and cause Chakra blockages are generally the result of out dated programming from childhood experiences, emotional neglect, a false belief system, inability to love or accept love, or any other source of pain or stress.

Chakra Meditation practice tunes energy centres in our body and mind to

maintain balance of hormonal and neural system to nullify or minimise

body’s instantaneous stress reaction

Body behaviour is balanced through energy flowing through various

Chakras rather than having to  consciously invoke a response for a particular stress situation

Balancing our breathing activity is key to Chakra Meditation. This

practice on a regular basis prepares our nervous system absorb stress inputs rather than prepare a response.

Chakra Meditation improves focus and concentration of mind to achieve calmness in adverse situations and enhances general 

well being.

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