Reiki is an ancient and natural way of healing. It treats the physical body and the mind together. It helps to strengthen the body’s own healing ability & rebalances its energy

About Reiki

Reiki helps to clear any blockages in the flow of ‘ki’ or ‘prana’ (the life-giving energy) that lead to illness and stress.

Our body and mind know how to heal naturally. Reiki helps strengthen one’s own healing ability and rebalances energy.

Reiki helps to clear any blockages in the flow of ‘ki’ or ‘prana’ (the life-giving energy) that lead to illness and stress.

Reiki can never cause any harm as it is sourced by Divine

Consciousness. Reiki is the healing energy of Love, gift of

Divine Mother to her children, which flows through us for the benefit of all beings.

  • Do you want to keep stress level at minimum?
  • Do you wish to enhance your immune system?
  • Do you find yourself in one of the following situations 
  • Physical pain
  • Physical, mental or emotional trauma
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart issues
  • Stress, Anxiety,
  • Negative thoughts or feelings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Recovery after allopathic treatments like chemotherapy or surgery
  • Deep relaxation and Inner peace
  • Spiritual growth and development

Reiki is one of the best solutions that can help you!



What happens during your first session

You will receive a form to complete that will help Deenanath to collect detailed information about your concerns. With a further discussion, Reiki session will be organised.

Reiki can be received in any posture like – sitting on a chair, crossed leg, lying on floor or on therapeutic table or in any comfortable posture. It is necessary that Reiki practitioner can reach the area of imbalance or dis-comfort. You will be fully clothed where loose and comfortable clothing is recommended. No shoes, jewellery or heavy metal objects please.

At the beginning, in preparation for a Reiki session, Deenanath will meditate and pray for yourself and the session. He will prepare and make sure space feels Sacred to you so to feel peace and comfort during the session.

Before session starts Deenanath will explain to you what he will be doing and will talk about specific areas of concerns.

Little or no pressure will be applied and no oils will be used.

Deenanath will be focused and place his hands in a series of positions lightly on the body or above the body in your auric field or, when guided by energy, placed on an area of imbalance or dis-easiness.

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