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Namaste 🙏

We wish you, your family & friends, and all neighbours a good health. Currently Omicron which is a new variant of Covid is active worldwide. Number of cases are growing; people are going in isolation or self-quarantine.

During the recovery process with or without medical aid a positive mindset is needed to support and encourage each other.

Holistic Health Care program:

We provide Bach Flower Remedies to those who are :

  • suffering from Covid
  • recovering from Covid
  • looking after someone who has suffered from covid

And for all those who want to stay safe & strong

How can Bach Flower Remedies help me?
Remedies will support in relieving the stress due to Covid condition, and it will also help to promote healthy relation between mind & body.

The remedy will be used primarily to maintain a good mental and emotional balance, so that the body’s self-healing mechanism can function efficiently.

Who can have Bach Flower Remedies?
From infants to adults, pets, and plants too – all can take it. Remedies have no side effects. It can also be taken with your current medication, if any.

If any of you want this remedy, contact us immediately by sending a message on WhatsApp *+61413478979

*Please spread the word, share this message to your groups and help someone offering a bottle of remedy which is filled with hope, confidence, and love.

Please note:

This flower remedy is designed to cope with Covid condition. This remedy is not a medicine for covid, but a means to keep the mind and body senses positive. This is a completely natural remedy made from medicinal flowers.

We have our centres in Adelaide (South Australia, Australia) & Pune (Maharashtra, India).
Remedies will be posted to the residents of Australia, India, Singapore, UK, and USA.

You can help our Holistic Health Care movement by a voluntary donation. Your donation will help us providing remedies to all who are in need. For donation you can message to WhatsApp +61413478979.

By taking a care of each other we will overcome this crisis.

Much peace & patience!

Dinesh Oak (Deenanath)
Well-being Advisor

For individual consultation WhatsApp on *+61413478979.

~ Stay Safe! Stay Strong! Stay Healthy! ~